This is a brief overview of the services offered by Gardner English. If you need further information, please get in touch.

English Courses

The methodology we use has been carefully structured to allow for systematic development of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We believe that language for immediate conversation is indispensable at basic levels, so our classes take place in a communicative environment that achieves a balance between free and controlled activities. Special attention is paid to pronunciation, learning strategies and acquiring vocabulary.


We offer Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation in many different areas (including marketing, finance, legal and science) and guarantee the quality of our work. As we use the latest in translation systems, we can provide work which is consistent, accurate and on schedule. What's more, all of our translators are native speakers of their target language, and have in-depth knowledge of source language and culture. As a matter of course, all assignments are translated under strict conditions of confidentiality.


We provide the interpreting solutions you require, whether these be simultaneous (for conferences, with booths for interpreters and wireless equipment for the audience), consecutive (for meetings: speakers and interpreters take turns), escort or whispering. All of our interpreters are thoroughly trained and fully competent in both languages. Interpreting with us is an experience in inter-cultural mediation, delivered with the aid of the best technology available. As with translations, all assignments are strictly confidential.